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Antwan Peek

Houston Texans




Strength: Antwan Peek is a very fluid athlete. Antwan Peek has good size. Antwan Peek is a terrific pass rusher. Antwan Peek has the agility to cover running backs and tight ends.
Weakness: Antwan Peek sometimes doesn't read the plays correctly and will leave a man uncovered or run by a running back with the ball.
Development: Antwan Peek has very good skills and is very accomplished at getting to the quarterback. With his other LB duties he could use more time getting tutoring in the film room. Antwan Peek can step in and immediately be an impact pass rusher as soon as Houston wants him to do it. If Houston is looking to turn Antwan Peek into an every down 'read-linebacker', he will take some time to develop.
Fantasy Football Rating: Watch for whether this guy starts for Houston as a pass rusher this year, if he does, he could be a valuable 7-12 sack kind of guy immediately
Prospect Type: Skills Project. Gifted specialty - pass rushing.

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