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Cory Redding

Detroit Lions




Strength: Cory Redding is a very strong dfensive end. Cory Redding has good height. Cory Redding moves very well in the field. Cory Redding was a very productive lineman in college. Cory Redding is a high-effort player.
Weakness: Cory Redding doesn't make many linemen whiff on plays.
Development: Cory Redding provides Detroit with more team speed immediately, which was one of their goals for the draft. Cory Redding was a productive college player who is ready to step in at the NFL level and have a solid impact soon. He should battle hard in training camp for 2nd or 3rd defensive end. Cory Redding will play on both pass rushing and run stopping downs.
Fantasy Football Rating: Cory Redding should make the Detroit defense more solid right away. It may take a couple years before Cory puts up sacks statistics.
Prospect Type: Prototypical, solid, and ready to play.

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