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Kelley Washington

Cincinnati Bengals




Strength: Kelley Washington is a tall receiver with a big body. Kelley Washington has good speed and acceleration.
Weakness: Kelley Washington has had a variety of injuries keep him out of games.
Development: Kelley Washington is a sleeper pick type receiver. Kelley Washington lacks none of the tools scouts look for in a receiver. At times Kelley Washington looks polished, and at other times he has complete breakdowns in his technique. Cincinnati is hoping that it is only a matter of game time experience. Kelley Washington will have a tough time breaking into a Cincinnati WR line-up, full of disappointing early draft picks from the last several years. Kelley Washington has the best combination of skills and size of them all.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kelley Washington could be as good as any rookie receiver this year, IF he makes the starting lineup. WR isn't a position of rookie success, so wait a year or two.
Prospect Type: Skills Project.

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