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Dewayne White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers




Strength: Dewayne White was a sack machine in college. Dewayne White's tests were a surprise at the combine. Showed willingness to play through pain.
Weakness: Dewayne White is smaller than scouts look for. Dewayne White isn't known as a run stopper, but not as bad as some think.
Development: Some scouts were surprised Dewayne White went this high, I think he was picked at about the right spot. He is a very good pass rusher and he is going to the right place to learn to play defense. Dewayne White will battle to be in the Defensive End rotation this year. Dewayne White has a lot of upside, but he needs to develop an all-around game and finish developing his pass rush game. Dewayne White is still a little raw and has plenty of upside if he doesn't get lost in the shuffle of a deeply talented defensive team.
Fantasy Football Rating: No immediate impact expected.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 30% chance of success. 10% chance of Pro Bowl.

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