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Teyo Johnson

Oakland Raiders




Strength: Teyo Johnson is an intelligent WR, but without much experience there. Teyo Johnson is an incredible athlete for his incredible size for a WR.
Weakness: Teyo Johnson doesn't have the skills to be a TE, as his height and weight would project him to be. Teyo Johnson doesn't have WR acceleration or hands.
Development: Teyo Johnson is one of those athletes you find a way to put in your lineup wherever you can, and that's what Stanford did. His speed and height make you think TE or LB. If Oakland does develop him as a receiver, it'll be interesting to see how other teams cover him. Imagine a 5'7" - 5'10 180lbs corner trying to cover a 6'4.5" 250lbs WR. With some experience there he may develop into a unique player. In the mean time, expect him to be a special teams man. He has Slash multiposition skills and has played some QB if Oakland wants to get creative.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact expected this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 20% chance of success. 15% chance of Pro Bowl.

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