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Terrance Kiel

San Diego Chargers




Strength: Terrance Kiel plays smart and makes a lot of tackles. Terrance Kiel is very strong. Terrance Kiel has adequate speed and agility for safety.
Weakness: Terrance Kiel isn't as big as some scouts like. Terrance Kiel is seen more as a run guy than pass coverage.
Development: Terrance Kiel was not this high on most draft boards, but he is a safe pick with a history of success. Terrance Kiel is the kind of guy Marty likes: Intelligent, reliable, and willing to learn. However, Marty doesn't pick a lot of Pro Bowlers. Terrance Kiel should be able to step in and do a good job for San Diego whenever they're ready for him. Possibly this year, definitely will get a chance by next year.
Fantasy Football Rating: No statistical impact this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 65% chance of success. 5% chance of Pro Bowl.

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