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L.J. Smith

Philadelphia Eagles




Strength: L.J. Smith has great combine skills for a TE. L.J. Smith has ideal TE speed. L.J. Smith has very good hands and ball adjustments.
Weakness: L.J. Smith is small and may never be able to block defensive ends one on one. L.J. Smith doesn't have refined blocking skills.
Development: L.J. Smith is a tight end who needs a lot of work on the technical side of the game. L.J. Smith will battle for the #1 tight end spot this year and should win it by next year. L.J. Smith could put up very high pass catch numbers. It would be tempting to line L.J. Smith up as a slot receiver instead of TE, but that is a couple years down the road when he learns the details of the game better.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he wins starting job, his statistics could be as good as anyone in NFC.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 35% chance of success. 30% chance of Pro Bowl.

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