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Tyrone Calico

Tennessee Titans



Middle Tennessee State

Strength: Tyrone Calico is Mr. Speed Cat. He is what scouts want to see: big and tall and fast.
Weakness: Tyrone Calico reminds you of all the LA WR draft picks in the 80s, super track man without many catches and with quite a few drops and some funny looking routes at times, except that Tyrone is a big man.
Development: Dyson never stayed healthy enough to develop into the deep man TN wanted for McNair. So TN went after local star Tyrone Calico to stretch the field. Tyrone Calico has everything he needs to be a superstar, except technical skills. However, Tyrone Calico can immediately scare defenses enough to get Mason open for some mid-range passes. Expect Tyrone Calico to work hard to prove to people that he is the real deal and to battle for a starting job this year. If Tyrone Calico is to be a star however, look for it a couple years down the road.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't expect big numbers this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 25% chance of Pro Bowl.

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