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Terence Newman

Dallas Cowboys



Kansas State

Strength: Terence Newman has great athletic skills such as great speed, quick reactions, quick change of direction, and good leaping ability. Has very good ball skills.
Weakness: At 25, most good cornerbacks are more than 1/3 done with their careers as corners. Terence Newman is also short and under 190lbs.
Development: CB is the hardest position in the NFL, the proof: Terence Newman, the first one drafted is only about 5'9" and you know that's not the ideal for scouts. But to get the kinds of quick athleticism skills that Terence Newman has, you take him at whatever size he comes. Terence Newman will step in and start this year. Expect Terence Newman to get burned a few times, but to make some big plays as well. Don't be surprised if he becomes one of the leagues top special teams players.
Fantasy Football Rating: Terence Newman could score a TD or two this year because QBs will be picking on him until he burns them a few times, and he has those great athletic skills with the ball. Watch to see if Terence Newman doesn't win himself the punt and/or kick return duties for Dallas this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 80% chance of success. 75% chance of Pro Bowl.

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