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Alonzo Jackson

Pittsburgh Steelers



Florida State

Strength: Alonzo Jackson has good speed in pads and moves to the ball well. It was not uncommon to see Alonzo Jackson run running backs down from behind or blow by tackles. Good technique for shedding blockers on the run.
Weakness: Alonzo Jackson is not built as big as most pro DEs. Alonzo Jackson got run over at times by run blockers, though not as much as you'd think for his size.
Development: Alonzo Jackson is in my opinion a first round pick. Scouts dropped the ball on him because Alonzo isn't big. Alonzo Jackson may immediately become one of those DEs that change the offense's game plan. Alonzo Jackson is an improving pass rusher and a good persuit tackler. Many offenses will be forced to run the ball at him to neutralize him, and they may have success if Alonzo Jackson isn't getting LB support. Pittsburgh may be tempted to move him to LB with their LB oriented defensive schemes. Alonzo Jackson isn't ready to cover NFL running backs and slot receivers, so that would slow his development.
Fantasy Football Rating: A gamble this season, but Pittsburgh has done very well picking guys to fit their schemes in recent years and Alonzo Jackson has big stats potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of succes. 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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