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Anthony Adams

San Francisco 49ers



Penn State

Strength: Anthony Adams has a compact build and good tackling skills. Anthony Adams had a solid career against good linemen. Anthony Adams sometimes out-smarted college opponents.
Weakness: Anthony Adams is short, lacks speed, lacks lateral movement, and doesn't have good pass rushing or stops behind the line stats.
Development: Anthony Adams is a curious pick this early in the draft. On one hand, you know what you're getting, but on the other, Anthony Adams doesn't fit any of the ideals scouts place on the Tackle position. He will make all the plays that come to him and keep guards and centers off of his linebackers. Anthony Adams is more of a team player than a havoc machine and could be good in the right scheme. We scouts can measure a lot of things, but sometimes we fail at measuring heart, which is what it will take for this kid to make it big.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 35% chance of success. 5% chance of Pro Bowl.

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