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Bryan Scott

Atlanta Falcons



Penn State

Strength: Bryan Scott is an ideal sized SS with ideal speed for a SS, where he would be projected to play in the NFL. Bryan Scott has the agility to play CB however and teams are desperate for CBs to cover big receivers. Bryan Scott seems to be very intelligent.
Weakness: Tweener?
Development: Bryan Scott is a tweener who may end up a slash player. Bryan Scott made a lot of tackles when playing at CB in college and doesn't have great speed for a CB, but adequate with good technique. Don't be surprised to see Bryan Scott playing one of the safety positions on running downs and third cornerback on passing downs. Bryan Scott could also be a dominant special teams player if given the opportunity.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't look for much this year, unless teams just keep going after him and he gets some INTs.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 50% chance of success. 15% chance of Pro Bowl.

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