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Bruce Nelson

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Bruce Nelson is a very athletic offensive lineman. Bruce Nelson played well everywhere on the line during his college career.
Weakness: Bruce Nelson is very thin for a modern offensive lineman. Bruce Nelson is a bit tall to be a center, but it may be only position he's strong enough to handle on a regular basis.
Development: Bruce Nelson is a good pick for this point in the draft. Carolina has a guy who can fill in anywhere on the line in an emergency, but he may end up finding a position and sticking as a starter from day 1. Bruce Nelson is another guy who doesn't have ideal dimensions, but he's succeeded in those situations he's experienced in the past and I'd expect him to step into the pro game and be a solid player. Bruce Nelson should continue to improve each year. Expect Carolina to try to bulk the kid up. With a little bulk, there won't be much lacking in this kid's game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Agility to run block and to prevent direct runs on the QB should help the offense immediately.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 50% chance of success. 10% chance of Pro Bowl.

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