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Dewayne Robertson

New York Jets




Strength: Dewayne Robertson is a big man. Dewayne Robertson also runs well, moves quickly, and has good instincts for the ball. Dewayne Robertson's quickness can make him very disruptive on plays in the open field.
Weakness: Dewayne Robertson tends to disappear from the game when he's taking on a couple bigger offensive linemen.
Development: Dewayne Robertson has all of the physical tools, like most early draft picks. He is considered by many scouts to be a developmental prospect who can contribute in his first year because of his physical skills, but shouldn't be expected to be a top DT until/unless he develops some moves and irons out some bad habits. Another year of college might have been good, but how do you argue with #1 DT in the draft money?
Fantasy Football Rating: Few leagues play defense unfortunately. If yours does, don't get Dewayne Robertson. Dewayne Robertson can play this game, and he can disrupt an offense, but even if Dewayne can score his college stats against NFL offensive linemen, there is nothing spectacular there.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success in NFL, 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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