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Eddie Moore

Miami Dolphins




Strength: Eddie Moore is equally good against running plays and passing plays. Eddie Moore doesn't make a lot of mistakes for someone of his age, in part because he is very technically sound. Athletically he is better than people think, with good agility and reactions.
Weakness: Injury at end of college career. Undersized for LB position, though that seems to be a common trend this year.
Development: Eddie Moore is another one of those good college players without good combine skills or with a minor injury that fell into the second round. The reason so many more guys in the second and third round seem to be stars in the NFL is because sometimes the intanginbles you can't or don't need to measure are those things that make a player great at every level. Eddie Moore can come in and be a very good player from the start. Don't underestimate Eddie Moore's speed during a play. Eddie Moore could be successful right away if Miami gives him the opportunity at LB and keeps blockers off of him.
Fantasy Football Rating: Hard to say. A gamble, but high upside.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 45% chance of success. 15% chance of Pro Bowl.

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