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Chris Kelsay

Buffalo Bills




Strength: Chris Kelsay has terrific strength and excellent speed for a Defensive End. Chris Kelsay has good size for an outside rusher. Chris Kelsay is very intelligent and a hard worker.
Weakness: Chris Kelsay isn't very nimble. Chris Kelsay didn't have great college stats, partly because he missed a lot of time to injuries.
Development: Chris Kelsay is kind of a developmental project, not because he hasn't learned technique when he's had the opportunity, but simply because he hasn't had a lot of opportunity with his injuries. It seems Buffalo had a strategy this year: Go after top athletes who fall in the draft because of injuries. On one hand, Buffalo could end up with nothing for their picks, on the other they could end up with greatness from mediocre draft positions. I like their aggressiveness and Chris Kelsay has the stuff to be a very good DE in this league.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not much statistical impact this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 45% chance of sucess. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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