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Kawika Mitchell

Kansas City Chiefs



South Florida

Strength: Kawika Mitchell is a pure athlete with a big build ideal for middle linebacker. Kawika Mitchell was very productive against lesser competition. Kawika Mitchell was a combine eye catcher.
Weakness: Kawika Mitchell hasn't been tested against top competition.
Development: Kawika Mitchell was a combine draft pick, and combine draft picks have a much lower success rate. However, Kawika Mitchell did play well wherever he played and that is a plus. And the combine draft picks that do succeed are sometimes great. Give Kawika Mitchell time to adapt to pro game and learn to read offenses and he could be special. Whether Kawika Mitchell will get on the field and improve KC's team speed this year will depend on how quickly he learns his reads. Kawika Mitchell will make a lot of plays sideline to sideline and is big enough to take on the biggest running backs.
Fantasy Football Rating: His speed will make a lot of tackles when he becomes a starter and if Kansas City uses him to full effect he'll get some sacks too. Kansas City defense won't change much in either direction this year on his account.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 15% chance of Pro Bowl.

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