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Drayton Florence

San Diego Chargers




Strength: Drayton Florence dominated almost every receiver he played against in college. Drayton Florence has decent size, good speed, good agility, and good make-up burst.
Weakness: Drayton Florence has had his maturity questioned by many scouts. Drayton Florence didn't get challenged by receivers in college and it remains to be seen how he will react to having to work hard. Drayton Florence seems timid in film of him tackling bigger players, which will be most everyone on the field.
Development: Drayton Florence is the whole package, without any refinement. Drayton Florence could step in as the #2 cornerback in San Diego this year and do a solid job in coverage. Drayton Florence will be beaten several times and teams may try to run to his side of the field. If he wants to put in the work, Drayton Florence has the skills to be good in this league.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 10% chance of Pro Bowl.

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