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Taylor Jacobs

Washington Redskins




Strength: Taylor Jacobs was a dominating receiver in college against top cornerbacks. Taylor Jacobs has good size. Taylor Jacobs played well in a non-Spurrier offense. Taylor Jacobs is very well respected as a person by teammates and coaches. Taylor Jacobs played for Steve Spurrier and knows the offense well. Taylor Jacobs is one of the most polished route-runners in the draft, which is exactly what Steve Spurrier wants from his receivers. Taylor Jacobs battles for the ball. Taylor Jacobs was a Track and Field athlete.
Weakness: Taylor Jacobs played for Steve Spurrier. Taylor Jacobs takes a long time to kick into high gear, and only breaks the long ones if he's hit in stride or runs over a little db.
Development: Taylor Jacobs has everything you could want in a receiver except that he doesn't have speed burst. Some scouts, myself included, feel Taylor Jacobs should have been second or third receiver drafted and is probably the most polished of the receivers taken in the draft. Taylor Jacobs goes to a team where he'll be the slowest receiver, but possibly the most polished. Expect Taylor Jacobs to be the third receiver if he doesn't stink in training camp, and the fourth receiver if he does terrible. Taylor Jacobs will have plenty of opportunities in a wide open offense and could turn into the best third-receiver in football even as a rookie. He could push very talented Rod Gardner in a year or two. Washington got a steal in the second round for the second straight year.
Fantasy Football Rating: If there is an injury to a starting Washington receiver, he could be the offensive rookie of the year. Otherwise, expect 35 catches with a high average per catch and 4 TDs.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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