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Pisa Tinoisamoa

St. Louis Rams




Strength: Pisa Tinoisamoa has great speed on the field. Pisa Tinoisamoa goes all-out and doesn't get tentative on plays. Pisa Tinoisamoa was very productive in college.
Weakness: Pisa Tinoisamoa was very small for LB, though he put on size since college. Pisa Tinoisamoa has had problems with the law.
Development: In spite of his productivity in college and his good workouts, I'm shocked Pisa Tinoisamoa went this early in the draft. Even without the character questions, he played very small in college and might have been better as a strong safety. That said, St. Louis wanted more speed on defense and they've accomplished that if he makes it in the starting line-up. Pisa Tinoisamoa could also be a stand out on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Pisa Tinoisamoa is a play maker. He'll get burned, but Pisa Tinoisamoa will put up stats. Whether the St. Louis defense improves will depend on whether they put some players with contrasting skills next to him and keep Pisa Tinoisamoa away from blockers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 10% chance of Pro Bowl.

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