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Ken Hamlin

Seattle Seahawks




Strength: Ken Hamlin has ideal size and speed for a safety. Ken Hamlin had a lot of tackles in college. Ken Hamlin has a rare combination of great hitting skills and great ball skills. Ken Hamlin has all of the athleticism to do everything asked of him.
Weakness: Ken Hamlin has a checkered history with the law. Ken Hamlin has trouble reading offensive plays.
Development: Ken Hamlin is an interesting choice for a team that needed line help and drafted a CB in the first round. After speculation was that one of the current CBs would be moved to safety, Seattle drafted him as a safety. Ken Hamlin may have to battle in a crowded defensive backfield. Ken Hamlin's read skills could hurt his chances of starting right away, but if he gets in, Ken Hamlin is a guy who will make a lot of plays and change offenses. Ken Hamlin could end up a second round steal. Ken Hamlin will do what he's always done: separate receivers from the ball, level running backs, and make plays on the ball when it is in the air.
Fantasy Football Rating: The guy put up stats in college so don't expect that to change in the pros. Expect immediate improvement in Seattle's defense if Ken gets the starting job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 40% chance of Pro Bowl.

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