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Ben Joppru

Houston Texans




Strength: Ben Joppru has great ball skills. Ben Joppru uses his big frame to get between defenders and the ball.
Weakness: Ben Joppru isn't likely to break off a long run after the catch. Ben Joppru has blocking technique issues.
Development: Ben Joppru will battle for the starting TE spot, but may not win it this year. Ben Joppru should help David Carr survive the terrible blocking of Houston by being a dump off receiver when the pressure is on. Ben Joppru has the size and strength to develop into a two-way(blocking and receiving) tight end some day if he puts in the technique work.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ben Joppru will have a tough battle to be a starter, but if he wins it he could lead the team in receptions, as they lack an experienced WR and an experienced RB.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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