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E.J. Henderson

Minnesota Vikings




Strength: E.J. Henderson is always around the ball carrier. E.J. Henderson has great instincts. E.J. Henderson gives everything he has on the football field. E.J. Henderson played against good competition. E.J. Henderson has good size, though he lacks height.
Weakness: E.J. Henderson is less than what the scouts look for in just about every area.
Development: E.J. Henderson is the kind of guy that gives some scouts headaches, those who link physical skills too heavily to success. E.J. Henderson is a competitive gamer who always succeeds, and even dominates games. Don't expect E.J. Henderson to suddenly be overwhelmed by the pro game. In fact, expect him to step in and lead Minnesota in tackles this year. E.J. Henderson is an athletic player when he's in competition and the situation requires it.
Fantasy Football Rating: Will rack up tackles. Will improve Minnesota's run defense.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 35% chance of Pro Bowl.

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