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Andre Johnson

Houston Texans




Strength: Just about everything associated with WR is a strength for Andre Johnson. Andre Johnson is a big man with great speed and great quickness. If he failed at WR they could play him at LB. Possibly most gifted athlete in draft, outside of Boss Baily.
Weakness: Sometimes it appeared Andre Johnson wasn't doing anything when he should have been doing something. Dropped a lot of balls.
Development: Physically Andre Johnson is ready to dominate the NFL. Mentally Andre Johnson will need to work on what most physically gifted athletes don't learn in college: How to run good routes, get separation at the line, hide movement ques... Andre Johnson may be one of the few with enough talent to overmatch experienced corners before he even grasps the smaller details of the position. If Andre Johnson develops mentally, he could be a top 5 receiver.
Fantasy Football Rating: The only receiver drafted this year that is worth picking up in your fantasy football league, but not one of the top 40 WR this year... that's not to say his stats couldn't be 80 catches for 1400 yards, simply to say the odds are against it. David Carr needs somewhere to throw the ball, and Johnson is by far the best WR option he's got (no offense to last year's #1 who is talented himself). Since David Carr doesn't have a veteran to choose from, it should be Andre Johnson.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Andre Johnson is a few mental details away from greatness. Andre Johnson's size will be the biggest nightmare for corners since Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress. Andre Johnson isn't super tall, he's super thick. Remember how all of the cornerbacks fell off of 'big' Jerry Rice after the catches? If Andre Johnson succeeds, the cornerback position will go from the hardest in the NFL to impossible. Either that or a fleet of Boss Baily's playing cornerback will arrive on the scene. 75% chance of success, 70% chance of Pro Bowl.

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