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Rashean Mathis

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Rashean Mathis has great speed for a free safety. Rashean Mathis has great ball skills and dominated the league at his small college. Rashean Mathis also dominated on special teams.
Weakness: Rashean Mathis hasn't faced anything like the receivers and running backs he'll see in the NFL.
Development: Rashean Mathis is a project player for Jacksonville. Whether he can step in on defense to start the season is doubtful. Rashean Mathis is physically gifted enough to play cornerback, but he's way behind on the learning curve for that. However, Rashean Mathis could be an impact special teamer right away. If Rashean Mathis works hard he has all of the skills to play any defensive back position well.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he should win a starting job, Rashean Mathis has always been a stats machine in college. Get him. Probably won't improve the overall Jacksonville defense first year. May improve the special teams stats immediately.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 30% chance of Pro Bowl.

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