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Jonathan Stinchcomb

New Orleans Saints




Strength: Jonathan Stinchcomb is a very athletic Left Tackle. Jonathan Stinchcomb is very strong. Jonathan Stinchcomb is exceptionally quick for a lineman. Jonathan Stinchcomb shows great awareness and intelligence in making blocking reads. Jonathan Stinchcomb has good fundamentals.
Weakness: Jonathan Stinchcomb was well under 300lbs in college, though he beefed up for combine. Jonathan Stinchcomb got run over by several defensive linemen last year. Jonathan Stinchcomb may project as a center, but is so tall he would be in Aaron Brooks' passing lane.
Development: Jonathan Stinchcomb should start right away for New Orleans if they project him at tackle. It may take Jon Stinchcomb a couple years to adapt if they move him. Jonathan Stinchcomb played small in college and you have to wonder if his new weight will make him play big or just take away from his strengths: quickness and agility. Defensive linemen are bigger and stronger in the NFL, so some scouts worry if he won't just be a speed bump to the QB. Personally, I disagree. Jonathan Stinchcomb will adapt to the power rush, after a few road-kill jobs, because of his athleticism and intelligence.
Fantasy Football Rating: Immediate improvement in New Orleans' ability to run laterally. Neutral effect on their passing stats this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 80% chance of success. 25% chance of Pro Bowl.

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