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Eugene Wilson

New England Patriots




Strength: Eugene Wilson is a natural in man to man coverage. Eugene Wilson has great hand-eye coordination, great timing on breaking up passes and making up space, and quick responses to receiver actions.
Weakness: Eugene Wilson is smaller than scouts like and not as fast as many cornerbacks his size.
Development: Eugene Wilson is the kind of athlete great cornerbacks have to be, and there is the potential for him to be great. However, many feel Eugene Wilson's technique is not where it needs to be in a league where all the receivers are either savvy or superior athletes. In the short-run, expect Eugene Wilson to be very competent as the second or third CB on New England. In the long-run Eugene Wilson will be however good he's willing to work to be. Eugene Wilson projects as a CB you put on the best receiver and forget about him the rest of the game, if Eugene Wilson is willing to put in the work.
Fantasy Football Rating: Eugene Wilson should have little impact on fantasy football this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 65% chance of success. 30% chance of Pro Bowl.

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