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Charles Tillman

Chicago Bears




Strength: Charles Tillman is a big cornerback. Charles Tillman is a solid tackler who can support against the run. Charles Tillman is known as a big effort guy.
Weakness: Charles Tillman doesn't have ideal cornerback quickness.
Development: Charles Tillman will battle for a starting cornerback spot because he has the big size scouts look for in a cornerback now, due to the influx of big receivers into the league. Charles Tillman should be able to hold his own against bigger receivers in the league, but may struggle against receivers with great burst and quickness. Charles Tillman should be a solid NFL player right away, but he will either need safety help or need to play zone defense. Charles Tillman has potential to play free safety if he struggles to adapt to man coverage in the NFL. Charles Tillman has ideal physcial skills to be a special teams player as well, which he excelled at in college.
Fantasy Football Rating: Charles Tillman, as with all rookie corners, could have a lot of balls thrown his way. So look for some INTs. He won't be measurable immediate statistical improvement to Chicago's defense. Don't draft Charles Tillman, but maybe a free agent later in season if he's doing well.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of success. 30% chance of Pro Bowl.

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