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Boss Baily

Detroit Lions




Strength: Boss Baily is the best linebacker-athlete since LaVar Arrington. Boss Baily has cornerback speed and agility, linebacker weight and strength, defensive lineman height, kick-blocker jumping skills, and punt returner ball skills.
Weakness: Boss Baily is not a big hitter or master of tackling technique. Boss Baily sometimes is overwhelmed by blockers and can disappear from a game. Boss Baily had an injury near the end of his college career, though it is reportedly healed.
Development: Boss Baily was the excitement player of the draft. Boss Baily should immediately be a special teams superstar. Boss Baily has a lot of work to do on his linebacker technique. He will make a lot of big plays and disappear from a lot of plays. Detroit won't have to worry about any long touchdown runs because Boss Baily will catch most anyone from behind. If Boss Baily doesn't succeed as an NFL linebacker, there is no reason he wouldn't stay in the league as a special teamer. He certainly has all the skills to play another position as well. Boss Baily could be the biggest and fastest safety in the league, the biggest cornerback in the league, a very big and explosive wide receiver, a pass receiving running back of a size and speed no one has ever seen, a pass catching tight end... You get the picture. The Question is: is linebacker his position and if not, how soon before he finds a position he is mentally prepared to excel at?
Fantasy Football Rating: It all depends where he plays. If he is put in positions to touch the ball he could be huge. Fantasy football doesn't count mistakes.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Boss Baily just has too much talent to fail in this league unless a big lineman runs him over. 90% chance of success. 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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