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Eric Steinbach

Cincinnati Bengals




Strength: Eric Steinbach was one of the most athletic offensive linemen in the draft. Eric Steinbach is very muscular. Eric Steinbach is a player many scouts feel could be plugged in to any position on the offensive line where he's needed. Eric Steinbach moves around very well and if he plays tackle he would be tough to beat with an outside, up-field move.
Weakness: Eric Steinbach is very lean for an offensive lineman.
Development: Eric Steinbach fell in the draft in spite of great work outs. The reason? Eric Steinbach is under 300lbs. Eric Steinbach can be a successful offensive lineman at that weight, but what he needs to do is to be better with his technique. Eric Steinbach's athletic ability is unquestioned. Whether Eric Steinbach can learn to use that is all that effectively is left to discover. Eric Steinbach will battle for a starting spot with Cincinnati at Gaurd and Tackle. If Eric Steinbach gets into the starting lineup, expect some growing pains. But expect him to improve every game and to have a few dominating games against speed rushers.
Fantasy Football Rating: Eric Steinbach isn't typically a guy you think of as a good run blocker because of size. Don't be fooled, his quick movement to get where he needs to be more than makes up for not running over guys. Expect an improvement in Cincinnati's running game. He could give up several sacks on whiffs, but don't expect a lot of QB pressures with him in there. Neutral effect on Cincinnati passing game this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Eric Steinbach has a 50% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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