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Sammy Davis

San Diego Chargers




Strength: Sammy Davis is a very polished cornerback. Sammy Davis is rarely fooled by receivers. Sammy Davis is a very good athlete who adjust well to sudden movements by his man. Sammy Davis is bigger than average for a corner, though not as big as scouts wish. Sammy Davis supports well against the run. Marty Schottenheimer will be coaching him.
Weakness: Sammy Davis has had trouble with some speed receivers. Marty Schottenheimer drafted him.
Development: Sammy Davis is a productive and reliable player who does just about everything correctly. For that reason expect Sammy Davis to step in as a starting corner in San Diego and continue to be successful. He may not be able to make up distance when a receiver beats him, but he isn't beat that often and that's what free safeties are for. Sammy Davis really doesn't have much left to learn for a guy just coming out of college, which makes Marty a perfect coach for him. Marty will make sure that Sammy learns every last detail and becomes one of the most heady players at the position. If Sammy Davis can do that, there is no reason he can't be a very good cover corner.
Fantasy Football Rating: Everybody likes to torch a rookie corner, but that doesn't show up in most fantasy stat sheets. The INTs when the QB misses do... so Sammy Davis is a good guy to get in your fantasy draft. If you're in a total defense league, Sammy Davis should have a neutral effect on San Diego this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 10% chance of Pro Bowl (Marty is noted for teaching winning, not for getting pro bowl talent).

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