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Charles Rogers

Detroit Lions



Michigan State

Strength: Charles Rogers has every physical tool a team wants in a receiver. Charles Rogers had a lot of experience against all sorts of defensive schemes in college.
Weakness: It's a stretch to find one, so I'll say Charles Rogers is only 6'2" and only 200lbs and has no pro experience.
Development: Charles Rogers will be starting for Detroit this year. Charles Rogers has a lot to learn about facing a much smarter, more talented, and more experienced group of defensive backs. Give him a couple years of adapting and if he's willing to put in the hard work Charles Rogers will be one of the better receivers in the league.
Fantasy Football Rating: Rookie wide receivers are never a good draft pick. Only one or two rookies has a solid year (50 catches) in any given year, and ironically it is often not a first round pick. Yet Charles Rogers will probably end up drafted in your league, as fantasy footbally players seldom pass on a big draft pick.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Charles Rogers isn't built like Randy Moss, but who is? Cetainly not superstar Marvin Harrison. If Charles Rogers wants to be a superstar in this league, Charles Rogers will be. Chance of success 80%. Chance of Pro Bowl 55%.

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