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Nick Barnett

Green Bay Packers



Oregon State

Strength: Nick Barnett is a great athlete with Strong Safety type speed and agility. On tape Nick Barnett looks like a running back dodging tacklers as he goes around blockers trying to get to the ball carrier. Nick Barnett can usually be found somewhere around the ball, and has a knack for getting back in on plays if he initially misses or is blocked out or is persuing from the opposite side of the field.
Weakness: Nick Barnett may not be big enough or physical enough to be a pro linebacker.
Development: Nick Barnett should battle for a starting job with Green Bay this year. Nick Barnett's athleticism made Green bay drool, though many other teams had him lower than other linebackers still on the board draft day. Don't be surprised if Green Bay has Nick Barnett put 5 to 10 lbs of muscle on before the exhibition season starts. If Nick does, he could be a problem for offenses this year. There is always a question when you draft an undersized but athletically gifted player what results you'll achieve. The risk of failure is higher, but the greatness achieved is greater during success. It will be interesting to see which Nick Barnett is when he steps on the field. On the other hand, if Nick Barnett doesn't work out at LB, don't be surprised to see him as a special teams superstar or Strong Safety in a couple years.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nick Barnett definitely has the athleticism to get to the QB, so watch and see if Green Bay uses him as a pass rushing LB before deciding whether he belongs on your fantasy team. His speed should improve their persuit of runners on the outside and cut back on long plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 50% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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