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Andre Woolfolk

Tennessee Titans




Strength: Andre Woolfolk is a big corner back with great man coverage skills. Andre Woolfolk has enough speed to cover anybody and superiror agility. Andre Woolfolk's size allows him to provide good support in stopping the run game.
Weakness: Andre Woolfolk doesn't have blazing speed in pads.
Development: Andre Woolfolk should step in as a top cornerback immediately. Andre Woolfolk has all of the skills to be a great corner, barring injury and inability to make the mental adjustments necessary for the pro game. He's not the athlete of a Woodson or Baily, but that doesn't mean he can't be a Pro Bowl corner as soon as 2004.
Fantasy Football Rating: Andre Woolfolk should put up as good of numbers as any other CB in the league, particularly if teams try to pick on him as a rookie. His skills could shut down a few of your top receivers when they face Tennessee.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Andre Woolfolk is better than most scouts think and Tennessee got a steal. 80% chance of success. 50% chance of Pro Bowl.

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