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Larry Johnson

Kansas City Chiefs



Penn State

Strength: Larry Johnson was one of the most dominate running backs in college history last year. Larry Johnson also has excellent hands out of the backfield. Larry Johnson is a power runner with enough speed to break off long runs, similar to Stephen Davis.
Weakness: Doesn't have the great speed typically found in first round running backs, though he has enough for long TD runs.
Development: Larry Johnson is the most 'Can't Miss' player in the 2003 draft. Or at least he was until Kansas City selected him. The buzz is about Buffalo picking a RB with Travis Henry already on the team, but current Kansas City back Priest Holmes was the most productive back in the league last year. Kansas City just selected a player with basically the same set of talents as Priest Holmes and better speed. Running back is the one position in football where a player's best seasons are typically their first 3 or 4 years in the league, as it requires physical skill more than mental. The physical deteriorates with pounding over time, especially in big backs who take a lot of pounding, as opposed to the elusive backs who avoid the big hit. Larry's future is very uncertain at this point, but he will be a Pro Bowl player, the question is how many years will he have left when the opportunity comes? Great pick for Kansas City, bad pick for Larry Johnson.
Fantasy Football Rating: Well, if they lose or get rid of Priest Holmes, he'll be a top 5 back during his time on the field. Otherwise, don't bother.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 98% chance of success. 80% chance of Pro Bowl.

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