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Kwame Harris

San Francisco 49ers




Strength: Kwame Harris is a strong, intelligent, athletic, and tall tackle. Kwame Harris is equally adept at both pass and run blocking.
Weakness: Kwame Harris needs more weight on him, hopefully without losing agility, and is one of the less powerful tackles around. Kwame Harris has a lot of fundamental errors in his approach to blocks that sometimes will cause whiffs both pass and run blocking.
Development: Kwame Harris is a project player. Talent-wise he matches up with any tackle taken in the draft. Kwame Harris should have the studious skills necessary to learn the finer points of tackle, being from Stanford. If Kwame Harris starts this year expect a few direct hits on the QB, but at least if he's playing the right side the QB will see it coming. By next year though Kwame Harris could be a top 10 right tackle.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kwame Harris should have a neutral effect on San Francisco's offense this season.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 25% chance of Pro Bowl.

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