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Travis Anglin

Detroit Lions




Strength: Travis Anglin is tall, intelligent, athletic, and strong wide receiver. Travis Anglin spent most of his career as a QB, displaying good running skills. Travis Anglin was a very productive receiver last year, considering it was his first experience at the position. Travis Anglin is amazingly strong for such a lean player.
Weakness: Travis Anglin seems 'small boned' and has small hands.
Development: Travis Anglin brings a lot of natural gifts to the table. Travis Anglin is definitely a project player, but it is rare to find such a gifted athlete with such good physical attributes in the 7th round. Travis Anglin will probably take a couple years to develop as a WR, but he could become a very good one. Travis Anglin has never shown anything to make one doubt him.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Project. Raw. Ideal Height. Athletic.

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