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William Joseph

New York Giants




Strength: William Joseph is a physically gifted athlete. William Joseph's height will put him in the way of passing lanes. He can be pretty nifty with his moves at times and uses his arms well for shedding blockers.
Weakness: William Joseph sometimes just gets smacked around and held in place by better offensive linemen as if he were a 222lbs linebacker.
Development: William Joseph isn't the big guy standing in the middle who's going to stuff up the field on the offense. William Joseph is a penetrator who will cut through blocks to tackle runners and to get to the quarterback. William Joseph may have more sacks than the other Tackles drafted this year, if he listens well to his coaches in camp. His athleticism and style are more similar to that of a DE than a DT, though he's not really as fast open field as you'd like in an end. William Joseph may be as good as any of the DTs taken before him 5 years from now.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't expect any great stats this year. May surprise a few guys who don't read the scouting report on his very quick, but predictable moves. Will make a lot of good plays and disappear from a lot of plays as he gets outwitted by veterans, so don't expect a big overall change in team defense this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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