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Steve Josue

Green Bay Packers




Strength: Steve Josue is very quick for a pass-rusher, though he doesn't have good speed. Steve Josue was a very productive college pass rusher. Steve Josue is very athletic.
Weakness: Steve Josue is a tiny defensive lineman. Steve Josue doesn't know how to play linebacker. Steve Josue has average LB speed and is smallish for that position. Steve Josue lacks strength.
Development: Steve Josue has the skills to be a dominant special teams player. Beyond that, Steve Josue is all hypothetical. Steve Josue has all the athleticism to play in the NFL, but no position. Green Bay will probably attempt to develop Steve Josue as a linebacker. Time will tell if Steve Josue can make the adaptation and put his great athleticism to full use the way he did at defensive end in college.
Fantasy Football Rating: Pass-rush specialist will probably see some duty in pass-rush situations and special teams kick blocking.
Prospect Type: Athletic. Raw. Tweener. Weak. Project.

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