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Dallas Clark

Indianapolis Colts




Strength: Dallas Clark is a receiving TE who adjusts well to the ball. Dallas Clark has good speed in pads and manages to run by faster tacklers when he has the ball. Dallas Clark's blocking technique for seal-blocks is good when working in a double team.
Weakness: Dallas Clark is a bit undersized for blocking on the line, though his technique is better than average for a young pass catching tight end. Dallas Clark doesn't have great speed.
Development: Dallas Clark is an immediate impact player, but Indianapolis already has an impact tight end with nearly the same set of skills and a bigger frame. In two tight end sets Dallas Clark gives Peyton Manning more choices than he'll know what to do with, but he likes to spread the ball around (50% to superstar-Harrison and 50% to the TEs and Edgerrin James). Expect 20-35 catches from the #2 TE this year, which may be more than the #2 WR gets. When he is the only TE in Indianapolis you could be looking at some big receiving numbers for a tight end.
Fantasy Football Rating: 'Expect 20-35 catches from the #2 TE this year, which may be more than the #2 WR gets'. Touchdowns are a possibility, but Indianapolis has too many other TD options this year if Edgerrin James is healthy.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 60% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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