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Casey Moore

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Casey Moore has a good frame and incredible upper-body strength. Casey Moore is a solid blocker in both the running and passing games, who understands his assignments. Casey Moore had a high rushing average ever year of college. Casey Moore showed potential as a pass receiver.
Weakness: Casey Moore is somewhat lean for a blocking FB and doesn't have real nifty feet as a ball carrier.
Development: Casey Moore is a polished fullback who will probably start his career as a special teamer. Nothing about Casey Moore sticks out as especially good or bad. Casey Moore should be a good fullback for many years if he can make Carolina's roster this year. Don't overlook Casey Moore's consistantly high rushing averages and goal-line abilities.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact. Future goal-line player, but not with Stephen Davis around.
Prospect Type: Polished.

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