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Siddeeq Shabazz

Oakland Raiders



New Mexico State

Strength: Siddeeq Shabazz is a instinctive, agile, intelligent, and hard hitting strong safety. Siddeeq Shabazz is one of the faster strong safeties in the draft.
Weakness: Although Siddeeq Shabazz has the physical tools to cover receivers he often looks lost in coverage.
Development: Siddeeq Shabazz is an excellent 7th round pick, who probably slid just because he plays for a "mid-major". Siddeeq Shabazz is a dominant player in run defense, making running backs flinch when they come into his zone. Siddeeq Shabazz has the athleticism to play anywhere in the defensive backfield, but clearly his instincts are for strong safety. Siddeeq Shabazz is a guy who always sticks out on the field and he could find himself playing as soon as the first game of the season. Siddeeq Shabazz needs to refine his coverage skills, but he has the physical abilities needed to cover any receiver. With hard work, Siddeeq Shabazz has an excellent chance to be a Pro Bowl player, soon.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact statistically.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Hard Hitter.

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