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Chris Johnson

Green Bay Packers




Strength: Chris Johnson is an experienced nickel back and special teams player.
Weakness: Chris Johnson wasn't a college starter. Chris Johnson is too lean. Chris Johnson isn't fast enough. Chris Johnson didn't have an interception.
Development: Chris Johnson is a curious draft pick. The only thing I can figure is that Green Bay projects Chris Johnson as a strong safety, where his tendancy to make hard hits would fit in. Chris Johnson would provide better than average pass defense as a strong safety and he has the desire to be a run stopper. However, Chris Johnson is about 30lbs lighter than your typical strong safety. Chris Johnson is going to have to make all the plays in camp, including special teams, in order to make the Green Bay roster. If Chris Johnson does that, Green Bay figures to give him the time to add some bulk. If he does that, Chris Johnson could turn into a fine strong safety in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Raw. Project. Undersized.

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