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Norman Lejeune

Philadelphia Eagles




Strength: Norman Lejeune is a strong, intelligent defensive back with experience at both safety positions and cornerback. Norman Lejeune blossomed into a fine run-stopper and blitzer last year when he moved to the strong safety position.
Weakness: Norman Lejeune lacks ideal speed for a defensive back. Norman Lejeune has not shown good ball skills. Norman Lejeune needs a lot of technique work on his coverage.
Development: Norman Lejeune is a verastile defensive back, which is something Philadelphia covets. Norman Lejeune hasn't had enough time to hone his skills at any DB position and probably won't be able to make Philadelphia's deep backfield as a CB. Norman Lejeune showed something at SS last year he hadn't shown at FS or CB, good instincts. For those reasons Norman Lejeune should be developed as a strong safety for Philadelphia where his instincts and physical skills will win him at least a practice squad position until he can learn the technique of the position. Norman Lejeune figures to be a solid SS for many years.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Tweener. Project.

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