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Ethan Kelly

New England Patriots




Strength: Ethan Kelly is an excellent run-stopping DT who makes a large portion of his plays in the backfield. Ethan Kelly gets excellent pressure in the pass-rush, though he seldom makes a play. Ethan Kelly has starting experience at Offensive Tackle and Guard. Ethan Kelly had the intelligence to quickly adapt from one position change to another.
Weakness: Ethan Kelly doesn't have much speed for a defensive lineman. Ethan Kelly needs work on his technique.
Development: Ethan Kelly had the size and strength that persuaded Baylor to move him to the offensive line, but Baylor couldn't ignore his defensive talents for long. Ethan Kelly could probably play Guard in the pros, but his athleticism is good enough for him to be a defensive tackle. In fact, Ethan Kelly showed penetration skills to play defensive end on running downs and short yardage plays. Ethan Kelly probably won't play much this year. Ethan Kelly should develop into a fine, starting defensive lineman.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic.

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