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Ken Dorsey

San Francisco 49ers




Strength: Ken Dorsey is a better than average QB in every athletic, mental, and physical trait except arm strength. Ken Dorsey was a very productive college passer. Ken Dorsey is a leader. Ken Dorsey won a lot of games. Ken Dorsey was relatively consistant for a college QB.
Weakness: Ken Dorsey has a reputation for fluttering, rainbow-arching deep passes and showed no arm strength in workouts.
Development: Ken Dorsey will take some time to develop, but at the same time he was very polished and accomplished in the Miami passing game. Some scouts could not believe Ken Dorsey was taken in the draft. Other scouts figured he would be taken because of his accomplishments, but didn't think he was worth of being picked. I am of neither opinion. Ken Dorsey never did anything but play well his whole career. Regardless of whether he had the most talent in college football around him, he still did his job on the field. Ken Dorsey should develop into a fine NFL QB if San Francisco gives him the time he needs and doesn't rush him because of his big name and fan pressure.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Project. Productive.

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