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Willis McGahee

Buffalo Bills




Strength: Willis McGahee may be the best pure runner to enter the league since Edgerrin James. Willis McGahee was also a good pass catcher. Willis McGahee is a super athlete with ideal running back size and speed.
Weakness: Willis McGahee may not be the runner we last saw at Miami due to a serious injury. Willis McGahee needs work on reading defenses and positioning himself.
Development: There is little doubt Willis McGahee was on his way to being a top 5 draft pick with immediate Pro Bowl expectations. Instead he was drafted by a team with a Pro Bowl back signed to a long-term contract. Buffalo believes he will be the steal of the draft if he returns to form, and they are correct. However, if he doesn't return to form Buffalo fans may escort the Buffalo GM out of town in a couple years. Some believe Willis will be healthy enough to return this year, but it is in Buffalo and Willis McGahee's best interests to give him a couple years of rest (provided Buffalo can sign him to a small enough contract to keep him and Travis Henry both on the roster) and then make him their starter if he has his old speed, burst, and lateral movement. Henry is a solid running back and there is nothing but money to lose in holding McGahee out until Henry can be traded or gets injured or departs (or McGahee gets traded).
Fantasy Football Rating: If McGahee is on the active roster and Henry gets a season ending injury, McGahee is a must-have player. Otherwise, be patient a year or two. If McGahee is active, you might consider lowering Henry on your draft chart.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: WHO KNOWS? If he plays at old form, 98% chance of success and Pro Bowl. BIG IF. Let's go with 50-50 for now.

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