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Ahmaad Galloway

Denver Broncos




Strength: Ahmaad Galloway is a big running back with great upper-body strength. Ahmaad Galloway didn't break a lot of long runs, but he did break a lot of medium-length runs.
Weakness: Ahmaad Galloway is lacking in his receiving and blocking skills. A serious injury to Ahmaad Galloway ended his last season and may threaten his career.
Development: Ahmaad Galloway may have been drafted to send a message to Portis that his job isn't safe if he holds out. Ahmaad Galloway fits right into the Denver mold of a big powerful running back who has adequate speed to break off moderate runs. As soon as Ahmaad Galloway is healed he will fight for time and should be very successful in Denver's offense. Ahmaad Galloway may have to spend a year on the practice squad if he can't show he's fully healed.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Productive. Powerful. Injury.

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