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Chance Pearce

Houston Texans




Strength: Chance Pearce is a near flawless long-snapper.
Weakness: Chance Pearce is the slowest guy in the draft, including offensive linemen, kickers, and punters.
Development: Chance Pearce is kind of a funny draft pick. Although I understand Chance Pearce can play tight-end, it is hard to imagine. Chance Pearce is on this team for one reason, he's a long-snapper. Chance Pearce will either win the starting job or be looking for another team. Chance Pearce should do fine as long as Houston is willing to trade off a roster spot in exchange for a dedicated long-snapper who does a good job.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should minimize punt team turnovers and blocked punts.
Prospect Type: Polished. Unathletic.

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