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Gibran Hamdan

Washington Redskins




Strength: Gibran Hamdan has ideal size for a QB. Gibran Hamdan probably has the strongest arm in this year's draft. Gibran Hamdan has a very accurate throwing arm. Gibran Hamdan has been a star of the amateur baseball world since his early teens. Gibran Hamdan is one of the best holder's in the draft.
Weakness: Gibran Hamdan is possibly the least experienced QB drafted this year, and definitely has had the least productive career. Last year was first time in 6 years of college that Gibran Hamdan had a start at QB, and he wasn't exactly waiting behind top NFL prospects.
Development: Gibran Hamdan has good mechanics, great arm strength, good foot speed, a big body, etc. etc. All Gibran doesn't have is experience and production as a QB, the hardest position to mentally master in the NFL. Gibran Hamdan will battle for the third QB job. Gibran Hamdan has an excellent chance to make the Washington DC roster this year based on, no not his arm, his holding skills on place kicks. There is an excellent chance Gibran Hamdan won't throw a pass this year. Steve Spurrier saw this guy in tryout camps and loved his coachability. That's why Gibran Hamdan is with this team. Figure that Steve Spurrier will take the time to personally mold Gibran Hamdan as a QB for the next few years before Gibran Hamdan gets any extensive chances at QB. Steve Spurrier loves QBs he can teach that haven't been polluted by other coach's offensive mindsets, and Gibran Hamdan fits right into that mold. This makes Gibran Hamdan, a mid-7th rounder, possibly one of the most intriguing picks of the entire draft. If Gibran Hamdan should fail to make the roster, there is no way he'll miss the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact for a long time.
Prospect Type: Extremely Raw. Ideal Size. Special Skill - Great Arm-Strength. Athletic. Project.

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